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A sustainable business is not only a green business, but also an enterprise that has a strong organisational structure. Every management team must develop a positive plan to meet the triple bottom line – people, profit and planet, which will need unbiased proven fresh successful guidance from a business expert.
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About Me

Taking every client from surviving to thriving - guaranteed!

I am a successful business executive with a track record of creating financially and structurally strong community/client centric organisations that appreciates diversity and environmental elements. I share strategic experience gained from major companies and non-profits in addition to running my own successful business for over 24 years. My mission is to share my knowledge to sustain and grow an organisation that has the vision to take on the exciting opportunities in their future.

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All services to enable organisations to function successfully. Customised within your budget while taking you beyond your vision.

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Creative program development, revenue, community & customer growth. Build fiscal stability guaranteed...

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Learning real leadership skills, building a sustainable management structure by planning for success. Spot leadership talent!

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 You were awesome and I was fortunate to have you at my back to take FGCAR to the next level. Your guidance gave us a strong financial foundation.

Steve Silverman


You totally revolutionised the organisation, systems and benefits and way we run our whole association we now have funcionality.


Sara Barkley Raaymakers


I have been especially impressed how you adjusted the plan to our special needs. We were grateful for the expertise you shared to structure our future.


Dr. Peter L. Choyke