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You recognise a sustainable organisation is an enterprise that has a strong common sense structure and leadership. As a manager you will be defined by your ability to develop and deliver a progressive plan. I provide the mentoring Services to make your task easier with Solutions that are developed with me by my alliance with Defy Expectations, which are unbiased, knowledgeable, proven options that will give you the Satisfaction of knowing you have built Success for your organisational future. I have a proven delivery record of providing Service, Solutions, Satisfaction and Success.
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I have learned my skills from the ground floor by working through the ranks to gain hands-on expertise. My career has taken me to senior management and executive positions in major organisations. I have run my own successful business/charity support company since 1998, which also gives me a vision of what is needed for smaller operations to be successful.


My mission is to share my enthusiastic spirit, expertise, and leadership to continue to deliver business revenue, operational strength and sustainability as I have done for over 150 organisations to date. LEARN MORE

Business Team At Work


Customised review and plan within your budget, which will take you beyond your vision.

Business Handshake


Customised creative programs to develop revenue, community & customer growth including dynamic marketing and fundraise events.

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Building a sustainable management structure by planning for success. Learn to spot leadership talent!

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 I was fortunate to have you at my back to take our commercial real estate society to the next level. Your vision & guidance gave us a strong financial and organisational foundation.

Steve Silverman


You totally revolutionised the organisation, systems and benefits and the way we run our whole legal association - we now have functionality.


Sara Barkley Raaymakers


I have been especially impressed how you adjusted the plan to our special complex medical needs. We were grateful for the expertise you shared to structure our future.


Dr. Peter L. Choyke

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