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Fern Management Services is the embodiment of my personality. Having worked with major corporations in diverse markets across the UK, America, and Europe, I am a highly trained and successful executive with a proven track record. In 1998, I turned my passion and management experience into a thriving business, realizing the demand for association and small company management services. Through targeted marketing, effective sales strategies, and quality service delivery, Fern Management Services has grown exponentially.


As a Business Advisor, I have been able to share my invaluable insights into all aspects of business ownership, which have helped lay a strong foundation for continued success and growth. Through my company, I enable other businesses to experience success and stand out in the crowd by sharing all the experience I have gained over the years.

As CEO, I oversaw all operational aspects, including business expansion, financial planning and management, sales, and service delivery. I led a team of both in-house and remote employees, ensuring they were well-equipped, trained, and motivated. My focus on client retention and acquisition resulted in an increased client base comprising major local and global organizations, federal government departments, and charities. I also held the position of Executive Director/CEO for multiple associations, achieving 90% of financial and community development targets on their behalf.  

Three of my most significant accomplishments were:

   1. Successfully launched a new product line that resulted in a 20% increase in revenue within the first year.

   2. Created and implemented an employee training program that resulted in a 25% increase in productivity.

   3. Developed a marketing strategy that helped expand our client base by 30% in just six months.


Three of the most significant success stories for my clients are the following:


*  By driving a strategic restructuring of teams and refocusing on leadership, I successfully turned around a failing global technology association. Through the implementation of strong education programs and structured communications to reengage members, we were able to achieve an impressive increase in sponsorship revenue and membership growth. My ability to drive innovation and achieve success helped us overcome challenging situations and achieve our goals.

*  As the CEO of a commercial real estate association, I successfully built a robust leadership ladder that ensured the organization's sustained growth. I did this by strategically developing committees and identifying and nurturing talented individuals to become future board members. I drove the organization's financial stability by securing sponsorships and membership growth, enabling the development of education programs and certifications. I implemented high-quality communications, events, and a user-friendly website. As a result, the association became a thriving and successful industry body. 

*  I had the opportunity to work closely with the CEO and board of directors of an international dental association that was struggling to maintain its engagement and make sound leadership decisions. With my guidance, the board was able to establish a culture of transparency and ethical behavior, which led to the development of effective member programs, educational events, and strategies to regain lost membership and revenue. I'm proud of the work we accomplished working together as consultants and leaders. 


I had the privilege of being considered a leading professional in the field of association/nonprofit management. I spoke to various organizations and provided expert consulting services to turn around challenged communities. I carried out leadership training for boards of directors and leadership teams of associations, charities, and companies.


I have a creative side as well. I've had the opportunity to create, design, and deliver major social and fundraising events for diverse clients. These events have been nothing short of spectacular and have been successful in achieving the goals of funding and member engagement.. 

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