“ Your personal dedication to your clients and commitment to seeing a program through to the end is commendable. A client can be assured that choosing your team is the right decision. Thank you for exceeding our expectations and I look forward to more joint programs in the future."


Lena Bell, CEO, Preeminent Protective Services,

Washington, DC

Our company was created by our CEO and founder, Sue Fern in the Washington, DC area in 1998. Sue moved the company to the Tampa Bay area in 2004 but continues to work with clients across the country. Originally from Southern England she has a professional background working for major international organizations in senior administration, sales, account management and marketing roles.


She is a tactical, well-respected association and business leader with experience in every aspect of what is needed to run strong profitable associations and companies. As a results-oriented professional she has a track record of building successful organizations through community engagement, and augmenting revenue streams.


Sue is recognized for her collaborative leadership style, proactive approach, and keen ability to effectively translate complex concepts into tangible action plans. A proven leader with personality and presence, capable of blending big-picture viewpoints with tactical considerations to inspire, build trust, and achieve record growth.


She uses her excellent business technology systems experience to guide and support any organization to develop their community participation. She is a highly trained public speaker with exceptional presentation skills and creative production talents. All these skills she will share with clients that need to move into the new style of communication.


Sue delivers association management services to diverse professional groups including medical, technology, legal, real estate, and landscape architects to name just a few of her clients... Sue was a member of the Board of the FSAE Foundation and became Chair in 2018. She is recognized and a knowledge leader and expert in her field within her professional community.


She is an expert at converting her talents to work for small and medium clients and member organizations... Her passion is you our client. You will receive strong bespoke services to enable you to shine to your members and clients... No company is too large or too small for Sue and her team.

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