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“ Your personal dedication to your clients and commitment to seeing a program through to the end is commendable. A client can be assured that choosing your team is the right decision. Thank you for exceeding our expectations and I look forward to more joint programs in the future."


Lena Bell, CEO, Preeminent Protective Services,

Washington, DC

We are dynamic professionals with non profit and corporate expertise available to help volunteer leaders achieve success!


Our company was created by our CEO and founder, Sue Fern in the Washington, DC area in 1998. Originally from Southern England her career working for major international companies enabled her to create a company that delivers diverse services to corporations and associations throughout the country. Our focus is you our client. We deliver strong bespoke services and enable you to shine to your members and clients...

Sue and her executive team have extensive business experience, which they share with volunteer leaders, to enable them to shine and build core strength through member and professional development. You will receive new ideas and options that are guaranteed to deliver success from our experienced team members with association, marketing, membersip experience and more...


Our support team bring additional expertise to our clients as needed - events - financial management - social media - website management and more!