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Fern Management Services reflects the personality of our CEO and Founder, Sue Fern. Originally from the South-West of England Sue has a corporate background working with major corporations in varied markets. She is a highly trained and successful executive with a proven record of gaining and retaining major accounts with Fortune 100 global organisations.


Her corporate and non-profit executive background has been developed working with major groups to deliver Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Diversity, Sustainability, Team Building, Cultural Design, and Customer/Member Centric Program Development to grow their organization. She has successfully collaborated with leaders within the complex structure of donor led organisations through efficiency and flexibility. She wants to share her unique transferrable professional skills as a business owner, corporate and non-profit executive to support more organisations in the future.


She was inspired to launch her company to share her diverse talents with a broader audience when she encountered organisations that were searching for a resolution to extensive operational and financial challenges. She would like to carryout more diverse projects to enable organisations to be sustainable not only as a green business, but also an enterprise that has a strong organisational structure. Every management team must develop a positive plan to meet the triple bottom line – people, profit and planet, which will need unbiased proven fresh successful guidance from a business expert like Sue.