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Fern Management Services reflects the personality of our CEO and Founder, Sue Fern. Originally from the South-West of England Sue has a corporate background working with major corporations. She is a highly trained and successful executive with a proven record of gaining and retaining multi-million-dollar/GBP accounts with Fortune 100 global organizations.


Her corporate and non-profit executive background has been developed working with major groups to deliver Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Team Building, Cultural Design, and Customer/Member Centric Program Development to grow their organization. She has successfully collaborated with leaders within the complex structure of donor led organizations through efficiency and flexibility. She wants to share her unique transferrable professional skills as a business owner, corporate and non-profit executive to support more associations and companies in the future.


She was inspired to launch her company to share her diverse talents with a broader audience when she encountered organizations that were searching for a resolution to extensive operational and financial challenges. She has been focused for the last ten years on delivering the role of Interim Executive Director/CEO for professional associations, foundations and companies. However, she would like to carryout more diverse projects in the future to use her full talents...

Some major projects she undertook were:

1.       Congressional Black Caucus 20,000-person conference with 16,000 walk up delegates. She created a logistical technology and personnel plan that delivered short lines and high-quality customer service throughout the 5-day meeting.

2.       The Department of the Army and US State Department needed a logistical plan to move over 5,000 delegates throughout the NATO 50th event in Washington, DC, which is the largest event held in the US. Sue built an innovative team of ex-military personnel to support her in the creation and delivery of this very intricate plan within tight security protocols.


3.       The Points of Light Foundation’s brief was to create a dynamic General Session to engage the 6,000 delegates and reflect national community engagement. The second element was the personal management of US President H.W. Bush, US Attorney General Janet Reno, US Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Michael Eisner from Disney. Creative services delivered a powerful unifying message each day with strong volunteer teamwork led by Sue. Speakers and leaders personally praised Sue’s eye for detail.

4.       The Washington Post had a financial challenge for their Sunday Travel Section – their annual public show was losing attendance and revenue. Sue used her experience to turn the challenge upside down– she created an innovative plan to take the show to the audience. She designed a massive tent as an exhibit floor to cover a street as part of the annual Taste of DC, which had over a million visitors. The plan delivered an exciting new event to Washington, DC, advertisers gained access as exhibitors to over 380,000 visitors to the tent. The paper increased revenue by over 65%. Sue delivered this same show for 5 years until 9/11 caused the cancellation of the Taste.