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Fern Management Services – Event Pro-SSSS started working with the Scientific Societies in 2008 when their AACC International division was heading to their annual conference in Hawaii with less than a third of their booths sold. Our team stepped in with just three months to show time. We developed strong email marketing pieces that went to specific members of the society’s database. We followed up the marketing with an assertive phone campaign delivered by our Director of Sales, Barbara Divver.


The result of this strong focused campaign was to sell the remaining show floor and deliver a strong positive show for the members of the association. Barbara travelled to Hawaii, not for sight-seeing, but to make sure she account managed each and every exhibitor. She ensured they had a quality experience during load in and throughout the events. Before Barbara left Hawaii she re-signed two thirds of exhibitors for the 2009 show through high quality account management and relationship building. This pre-sales process had never happened before we took over the show management.


Our style is to be very focused, professional and assertive. We are not a sales team; we are account managers. Our leadership has worked in major corporate organizations and knows the process to guarantee access to imperative corporate marketing dollars. Using our association experience we understand what is acceptable for delivery to members of a non profit.

Amy Hope, Vice President of Operations for the Scientific Societies confirmed to us that we made excellent partners in developing existing opportunities but also bringing new organizations to the society and re-establishing contacts with lost customers.


Following the success of the 2008 show the societies asked us to take over sales for four other associations within their organizations. We sold sponsorships and exhibits plus their global journal with the same success. Our accomplishment was the result not only of our professional style, but also from the partnership with the staff at the Scientific Societies, which is imperative to the delivery of high level results.


We want to share this same level of account management revenue growth with other non profits and companies. We know from our corporate sales experience (B2B) that passive sales will never sustain revenue growth and will ultimately result in reduced sales over time. Using professional account managers will deliver success – guaranteed.


Sue Fern, CEO and Founder of Fern Management Services announced today that her team will be working with several associations to increase awareness of the technology available to help members build business. The Technology Forums will help introduce technology leaders to their clients…


These forums will include presentations on products as well as exhibits and breakout sessions. By the middle of 2015 this program will travel throughout the US to share the technology message. If you want to learn more about holding one of these technology forums or become a technology alliance member to share your companies technology message please contact us today - 727-942-4503 - Sue Fern


We understand the challenges experienced in volunteer leadership organizations and will reduce the strain on volunteers while drawing from their professional expertise. Our team members are very flexible and quick to learn professionals with a very clear understanding of volunteer-governed organizations. We appreciate the extraordinary contributions leaders make to committees, programs and the association as a whole.


We know how to offer solutions to reduce the challenges of such a structure. Our CEO, Sue Fern has extensive experience in the delivery of Leadership Programs and can support strategic meetings. These are designed to ensure that new and existing board members and leaders quickly become a valuable resource. Sue can build a team spirit and understands that recognizing individual talent is imperative to the success of the board or committee. Building a strong leadership platform and structure will encourage engagement of the membership and future leaders. Sue has designed and delivered customized programs to many professional groups.

​The Academy of Laser Dentistry had been going through several years of change. They wanted to review where they were and create a strong leadership plan for the next five years. The Executive Director and President invited Sue Fern to share her non profit board, leadership and strategic skills to develop goals and directions.


Sue carried out a thorough evaluation of the association, past and current status. She surveyed membership and personally interviewed current and past leaders. This enabled her to gain an in-depth understanding of the culture of ALD and appreciate the road taken.

Using the intelligence she gained, Sue developed a focused assertive leadership/strategic two day program. The majority of the board attended the program and together with Sue they worked through a structured format to develop a road map for revenue generation, leadership engagement, leadership ladder and professional development.


Arthur Levy, President of ALD said – "Sue led us through a workshop that helped us to illuminate our strengths and weaknesses. She has a very gentle yet firm way of keeping us on track. With a group of close to 20 highly educated and intensely passionate individuals, that is no easy task. The results have formed the foundation of some future plans that we feel will be instrumental in our growth."


A true strategic development program for an organization is more than a day in a room talking. It requires a result. No plan can be developed without knowledge of the past and current status of the organization. It also requires input from members, clients, leaders – past and future.


Sue and her leadership team know how to develop strong plans and research to obtain the foundation of that plan with great success. ALD and the Florida Association of Landscape Architects can attest to that success – Jeff Castor, Fellow and Past president of FLASLA – "we achieved more in four days with you than in the past four years, thank you"


Our team under went a similar program for the West Pasco Bar Association.  We carried out a survey of members, leaders and past presidents  to help us understand the history of the association and also learn what the membership needed from the association today.


We delivered a strong focused road map for the future. Our plan will cover support the leadership as we a develop a two year plan with them in a Strategic Meeting this summer.  Our target is to build revenue that will help develop membership programs, educational law credit events and encourage an alliance with other allied organizations. 

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