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"Fern Management totally revolutionized the way we run our association. Our officers now enjoy leadership and can focus on strategy without being overwhelmed by administration. They have revitalized our events and programs. We are a more effective & professional association thanks to Sue and her team."

Sara Barkley Raaymakers, President,

West Pasco Bar Association

What I learned during this process of being president is that it is like a car... the leadership is the body that the outside world sees, but the management company is the engine that drives the vehicle. You guys were awesome and I was fortunate to have you at my back during the last year. We have initiated many new programs and it is exciting to see FGCAR grow..

Steve Silverman, Past President, FGCAR


Administration services are at the heart of every organization. Without a strong core of business services you cannot function. We can support you with a total package or we deliver as A La Carte services. You will gain increased resources without adding costly overheads. Our team has - been there done that - in business management so we are here to share that expertise with you! When looking for customized personal service you gain the solutions from us...

  • General office administration

  • Customer or member service

  • Bookkeeping and financial management

  • Marketing and sales event management

  • Meeting management

  • Meeting onsite support

  • Website & social media

  • Customer database management

  • Communications and marketing 

  • Staff training program management

Customize your program to fit your needs.



We understand the challenges as we have been senior management in many sizes of company. Our executive services will provide expertise for special projects as and when needed... this will reduce the strain on you while drawing from your specific professional expertise. You will gain executive band width without added overheads. 


Historic leadership styles may no longer deliver the engagement needed to sustain your organizations today. You are looking for innovation and an updated management approach, which you probably feel is impossible to achieve - it is not with our support.


We have the in-depth experience to share and guide your process. We will be by your side as you develop and deliver the plan.

“ Sue Fern led us through a Leadership Development Workshop that helped us to illuminate our strengths and weaknesses as well as our Goals and Directions for the future. She has a very gentle yet firm way of keeping us on track. With a group of close to 20 highly educated and intensely passionate individuals, that is no easy task....”

Arthur B. Levy, DDM, President, Academy of Laser Dentistry, NY


We offer a complete range of accounting and budget services. You will gain total accounting and budget support including transaction processing, system setup and support, and comprehensive reporting. Our knowledge enables us to help you be fiscally strong and in control of revenue income and expenditure. 


We know that it is imperative for you to build a plan in concert with your whole team. You must draw a strong road map to achieve your goals. We will work with you and guide an annual management orientation to ensure a cohesive team. 


Our team knows from experience that prospective clients within your community simply may not have heard a dynamic reason to contact your company. We enable you to engage clients through varied planned and structured communications - social media, newsletters, blogs & vlogs and more.

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