Sue Fern is recognized as an inspiring confident leader who builds trust in her teams and encourages their individual talents. She can identify, understand, and assess not just situations and challenges but also people around her. As a leader she shows empathy with her community. She is flexible to ever changing organizational needs with a focus on the strategy to succeed.

She has an extensive background in corporate and non-profit leadership. Originally from England she rose to being a senior manager at a young age using her talent to learn fast and build relationships. She was a senior manager with both British Airways and Thomas Cook Corporate Travel Divisions working on major account development and retention. Daily she was working in the C suite to grow sales, build profit and retain the loyalty of her client portfolio. As a Head of European Sales, she attracted the attention of the CEO of a global association in Washington, DC who recruited her as Vice President of International Membership to bring an international perspective to the US focused organization.

LEADERSHIP: Sue decided to start her own consulting company in 1998 to share her diverse expertise with a wider range of companies and non-profits. Her mission is to guide organizational management, develop high performance teams, and achieve strategic objectives, and build strong communities and financial structures. She began in Washington, DC and moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2004. Sue joined the volunteer leadership of the Florida Society of Association Executives. She was chair of their education committee for two years and then became chair of the foundation. This has given her the unique firsthand experience of volunteer leadership and how to cultivate board member talents.


COMMUNICATIONS: Sue learned that communication skills are imperative, which includes asking intuitive questions and listening to what those around her have to say. Her public speaking style is positive and charismatic, which results from training gained at British Airways to deliver global marketing presentations to many different ethnic groups. She believes that one should act not react to challenges, remain calm and always retain dignity under pressure. Sue is a firm but fair professional executive.


DIVERSITY: Her corporate work in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America including with Honda, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle gave her a real-life view of varied business structures and practices. Those skills with different ethnic groups and communities have proved valuable throughout her career. In 1998 one of her first clients was the Congressional Black Caucus who asked her to create and deliver a very wide-ranging community conference for 20,000 delegates. She worked with community leaders and government officials to bring together a unique team for this meeting. Due to that great success, she was invited by National Urban League to support them when they brought their communities conference to Washington, DC in 1999.


That same year Sue brought together another unique specialized team to work with the State Department and Department of the Army for the massive logistical transportation program for the NATO 50th celebration. Her reputation continued to deliver success and with a short 90-day window she delivered a strong program with no challenges.


In 2000 Sue was invited to work at a senior level with the leadership of the Points of Light Foundation, America’s Promise, and the United Way for a massive Communities Conference. That event brought together senior corporate and government figures, including President H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, Michael Eisner from Disney and Attorney General Janet Reno and Sue also oversaw the many unique security and media challenges of the time while delivering a focused program to delegates over 5 days.


During her years in the Washington, DC area she worked closely with the Local, Regional and Federal Governments for the delivery of community and global programs. She is comfortable working with any level to achieve success including the Washington Post on a massive community event that was part of Taste of DC with over 1 million attendees over three days. The event was delivered in a tent covering a street for whole city block.


Due to her reputation Sue was invited to consult on the American College of Cardiology annual conference to resolve the lack of revenue growth, which she was able to resolve by the creation of a new marketing program for the sale of exhibits and sponsorships, which brought in over $500k with a four-month timeline.

In 2005 the Association for Field Service Managers asked Sue to help them pull back from bankruptcy. She created a focused education and marketing program called PATHS OF EXCELLENCE that enabled all elements of the association to have cohesive plan and style. This appealed to global members from C-suite to ground floor managers and encouraged members to become involved. She showed the board that even with limited field service experience she could communicate, listen, and learn from them and deliver solutions.

Sue is a professional with expertise to achieve collaboration with staff, volunteer, and business leaders in every aspect of management. She has an in-depth knowledge of the oversight needed when working with charities, non-profits, or business organizations. She shares strong administration and organizational proficiencies with a focus on professional style, which results in member and client engagement.


Sue attended The Wharton School and the University of Tampa to gain additional high-level business and association management expertise. She is deadline-driven and possesses a high level of strategic focus. Having been a foundation chair Sue had first-hand knowledge of the great value volunteers bring to every association & community group.


Sue possesses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility, and clear focus. She reaches her goals and is not afraid to hire people that might be better at things than she is… she has always taken pride in the accomplishments of those she has helped along the way.