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Smart associations know that professional development classes are one the major engagement tools for members.  We will provide support to associations from professional and trade groups to develop and deliver strong focused programs on diverse topics without adding overhead costs.
You will reduce your staff time managing a call for submissions, reviewing submissions and putting together the short list... We handle that in concert with you while saving valuable time. We also provide you access to a massive number of speakers and trainers in all professionals that you would take years to find.
You gain access to a resource that will grow your education programs for the future without adding overhead costs. You will build value to retain and grow your membership loyalty..
You will have access to pre-vetted speakers in specialist subjects. Using over 30 years of experience we will evaluate your internal community to obtain high quality professional presenters of your specific subjects.
  • Knowledge database
  • Speakers bureau
  • Develop a customized syllabus by specialty - tech, medical, etc.
  • Carry out searches for suitable venues - sessions or conference
  • Manage budgeting
  • Manage onsite delivery
  • Manage logistical support
Working in an alliance we will support the leadership from different associations and companies to deliver strong cost effective education programs. Due to the collaborative nature of our organization we will reduce costs and build more engaging programs for every member of the coalition. Our mission is to provide strength and cost controls through collaboration...
We will customize your program to meet your exact professional focus. Our team have initially selected some popular topics and will continue to develop more programs to meet association professional development needs around the country. We will build a strong program to cover the numerous specialties required for professional excellence using our customized - Paths of Excellence:
  • Executive 
  • Professional Services
  • Management Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Support Services
  • Leadership
  • Specialist Sessions - specific to professional expertise

Reduce costs by gaining support from a multi member group of professionals... Size does count when building a strong professional program... We will augment your current staff and can become a stand alone department for a strong focused education program within your specialist field.


Contact us today to become a part of this collaboration to grow your education programs for the future - 727-942-4503