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Are you looking for a solution for your show floor?  We are a leading account management solution for national & international organizations. You gain access to a team that is creative in design, assertive in sales & marketing and focused when engaging your benefactors. You will gain access to the 3 billion dollars of sponsorship money left on the table every year by non profit organizations.


We ensure you are in the fore front of your sponsors’ minds when they are ready to buy.  We run a Touch Point program that ensures they stay invested in you. You will be in their budget year after year.


We use results driven experience in account management and sales experience with all forms of media, sponsorships and exhibits. You gain solutions for high level focused B2B sales. Our services save on costly overheads when using in-house staff, which will add OVER 20% + costs to your budget. Your staff can handle logistics without sales distractions.

We're here to consult with you on ideas for new sources of non dues revenue to grow your conference and event sponsorship. 


We help you engage exhibitors to market to attendees by generating interest with innovative tools to capture data through our alliance Lead Retrieval app to also build revenue. 

You should not hope for sales you must guarantee sales through your alliance with us...


“ Your team have become excellent partners in developing new marketing opportunities. They quickly gained knowledge of our customer base and re-established personal contact with many we had lost, while also identifying and engaging new prospects...”

Amy Hope, VP Operations, Scientific Societies, St. Paul, MN


DO NOT FORGET THE SHOW FLOOR! Our team concept for the creation and management of an expo floor will deliver a dynamic show without adding overheads. We know that customer service and attention to every detail will deliver a great show.


Using quality technology will build traffic, which will build success for your exhibitors. Our expertise will deliver everything you need - pre-planning, paperwork and logistics are the headache we remove for every client. We offer the full range of Exhibit Management Services.


We will guarantee a smooth load in, happy exhibitors and valuable rebooking for future years.


Most organizations only obtain 3% of the billions of dollars available for exhibits, advertising and sponsorships. We  provide access to those dollars.


Using our focused assertive corporate account management style will result in increased sales, returning exhibitors and sponsors plus access to new sales markets. 


We engage event supporters throughout the year not just a few months before conference.  We encourage increased involvement through focused marketing plans. We have gained back lost supporters through high quality customer service - building revenue through service!


Our creative team will support booth design and the customization of activities in your booth during the conference. From booths to logo carpets, we can create a WOW for your own marketing booth.


Logistical team will manage the booking of your booth into quality industry shows around the country by researching shows, tracking results, book space and manage delivery and set up for your sales personnel.


We release your team to carryout their core tasks and save overhead costs. Use our expertise and knowledge and gain added marketing exposure.


Our Vendor Alliance Program Evaluation is a planned and documented assessment. This is performed through survey, investigation, and evaluation of current vendor programs and sales practices.


We assess the current program, adequacy of the sales proposition and compliance of established procedures. The assessment will enable you to build a strong, innovative and sustainable vendor program.


We will develop a plan that will measure the real value of sponsorship options. We develop an alliance plan for the future years to help drive sales, manage offering delivery and build  revenue..




We provide a whole team of support professionals keen to help smooth your administration process. We take the "work" out of paper work and ensure orders are received, invoices sent and paid. We ensure sponsors of your organization are happy and want to come back and grow their support. We will be your go to team without adding overhead costs.




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