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Are you gaining the same sales levels as in past years? Have you reviewed your show floor in the last two years? So often the show floor at a conference is the last area that gains attention.

Your exhibit hall is an integral part of your meeting and provides an imperative opportunity for exhibitors to network and promote their products and services. Those same exhibitors and sponsors are a major source of your non dues revenue. They are a sustaining partner for your associations’ fiscal stability.

Exhibitors are no longer your deep pocket friends. They need to hear a consistent sales message throughout the year not just when the association is ready to open sales. They need account management to sustain their involvement. They must feel valued. Without this level of engagement they will step away from you or reduce their investment. 

We have gain success with the professional account management solution for national & international associations. Sue Fern, our CEO worked in the international sales arena in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. She learned how to gain the attention of corporations and sustain their sales levels. She shares that same success with our clients in the non profit world. Non profits are sustained by corporations and we have a track record of success.

We offer access to a team that is creative in design, assertive in sales & marketing and focused when engaging your benefactors. You gain access to the 3 billion dollars of sponsorship money left on the table every year by non profit organizations. We can provide guidance on what will work.

Having a part time sales individual appears to be a quality decision. However, they are an individual who often has other jobs to manage during the year. We are a team of account managers that will use Touch Points to sustain engagement with your benefactors. We will keep in touch throughout the year to ensure your association is in their budget. We will ensure we are in communication when they are ready to buy - that is the imperative sales moment. 

With over 25 years of association experience with all forms of media, sponsorships and exhibits we are your solution for high level focused B2B sales. Our services save on costly overheads that will add OVER 20% + costs to your budget.

You won’t have a loss of control because we know how to stay engaged with our clients.

We're here to consult with you on ideas for new sources of non dues revenue to grow your conference and event sponsorship. We help you engage exhibitors through account management processes to market to attendees. We will generate interest with innovative tools. Our team creates a buzz for you with marketing and video presentations. You will have the total marketing and sales solution. Hear how we add cost effective resources without adding overheads.


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