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Non Dues Revenue: my experience over 20 years of working with charities means I know that non-dues revenue is an imperative element in every charity or association. The talent needed for results is sales experience, which is not often a recruiting requirement for charities. Success comes from a customised, focused and dynamic program. I will design a package and train your team how to achieve revenue targets. My high level corporate sales and relationship management expertise coupled with knowledge of volunteer communities has delivered success for over 150 organisations in the last 10 years.

Thank you for your fundraising, event and marketing expertise. Because of the outstanding service and direction received from you and your team the gala netted over $144,000.00.  

Lois Miller, Executive Director, Hospital Foundation

Sue you and your team become excellent partners in developing new marketing opportunities. You quickly gained knowledge of our customer base and re-established personal contact with many we had lost, while also identifying and engaging new prospects then trained our Sales Director to sustain your growth plan.  Amy Hope, VP Operations, Scientific Societies