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Sue Fern has put together innovative solutions and teams to deliver outstanding projects under her guidance since 1998. Nothing is impossible - just give Sue a moment and she will come up with a solution and deliver!

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The Department of the Army and US State Department required a logistical plan and delivery to transport over 5,000 delegates daily throughout the NATO 50th event in Washington, DC, which was the largest event held in the US with budget of over $1 million for this part of the plan.

1.    Sue built an innovative team that included international ex-military personnel to support her in the creation and delivery of a very intricate scheme within tight security protocols.

2.    She contracted transportation managers and a massive amount of equipment from over 15 states within budget to deliver services each day starting at 4 am every morning. 

3.    Program was an outstanding success with creative solutions & ability to “Manage Change” often with extremely short timelines.



The Washington Post’s annual public show was losing attendance and revenue resulting in financial challenges for their Sunday Travel Section. Sue used her innovative creative experience to turn the challenge upside down to find a deliver the solution.

1.    Her plan was to take the show to an audience, which was Taste of DC with a one-million-person attendance. 

2.    She negotiated with Taste to deliver a new community event – Travel World Showcase as a part of their 3 day street event.

3.    She designed a massive tent as an exhibit show floor to cover a city street just off Pennsylvania Avenue near the FBI Building.

4.    She managed all construction, vendors, and daily show logistics. 

5.    Advertisers/exhibitors had access to over 380,000 visitors to the tent over the three days. 

6.    The paper increased revenue by over 65%.   

CONFERENCE - General Session Production

Points of Light's conference team used Sue's special talents to create the General Session for their four day conference. This 15,000 person general session required a focused production manager to design the stage and script, manage contractors and direct the program for 2 x three hour general sessions on each of the four days.


Sue worked for months with keynote speakers and entertainers to guarantee every element of the program went smoothly. She worked with leading media teams to ensure that local and national TV would pick up the stories. Her planning and scripting guaranteed everything went like clockwork and was a great success...


The program included many leading dignitaries including Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, Secretary of State, Colin Powell and President George H. W. Bush and US Attorney General, Janet Reno. Sue managed security from local to federal level for the varied speakers.


She encouraged youth choirs from national and local community groups to take part and attend the sessions.


  • Sue was asked by the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC to help them put together a historic conference. They were bringing together World War II camp survivors and those that lived in Displaced Persons Camps after the war. The conference was planned to bring together over 5,000 survivors. Sue focused on putting together a creative program with every element being sensitively put together to show respect and acknowledge every attendees bravery. 


  • National Urban League and Congressional Black Caucus both trusted Sue Fern to manage their large online and onsite registration services. CBC had an attendance of over 20,000 delegates with 16,000 walk up delegates.


  • Sue worked with Howard University in DC to recruit students to work on the projects and under Sue's guidance they delivered outstanding service with short lines and happy leadership. The students were able to attend the event free, which was a major benefit for them.


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Sue Fern brought the Florida Self Storage Association a new customized leadership program to take their executive members and volunteer leaders to new heights.


Sue worked with "Cruiser and Hacksaw" who were officer fighter pilots that learned the lessons of agile leadership while on active service in the United States Marines and Air Force. This was an action packed day and the evaluation scores were all 5's. High praise from everyone that attended. We have been asked to come back to individual attendees companies to carryout further training.  Praise indeed!





  • Working with the staff and committees of the Association for Service Management International (AFSMI) Sue designed an engaging show floor layout as a part of the whole "Paths of Excellence" she created for the association. Together with a 30 x 30 anchor booth to spotlight the association to engage new members. The booth included a customized carpet with the association logo, video member interviews and contests and entertainment to increase booth traffic, which was a great success.

Due to the energy created booth sales for the following year sold out before the close of the event. The delegates spent more time on the show floor because of the added activities.  A great success and revenue increase, which enabled the association to develop new member programs...

  • Sue engaged a leading sale manager to work AACC International and four of it's subsidiary associations in the brewing chemistry community. Together they developed a strong assertive sales program for exhibit booths, sponsorship and advertising for the three annual conferences. Due to the success of the sales efforts previously lost  exhibitors became reengaged and profits grew year on year to exceed budget by over 30% annually.



Sue Fern our CEO worked with the Association for Service Management  International (AFSMI) to bring back the energy at their annual conference. She created a themed black tie dinner as the final night of the conference. She designed and scripted the whole event from invitations to closing celebration.


The presentations were fast paced and kept everyone excited. The following year ticket sales doubled and the event created a buzz in the industry and supported revenue growth for the association.


When the board of directors of CREW Tampa Bay (Commercial Real Estate Women) launched their excellence awards program they asked Sue for guidance. She took a small budget and turned the Grand Ballroom of the Vinoy Hotel into a Fire and Ice experience. By using creativity she delivered a profit over $25k.


The Florida Gulf Coast Commercial Association of Realtors Pinnacle Awards event had lost prestige status in the region. Sue redesigned the whole event and gave it a high quality excitement that showcased over 3 billion in sales by the membership and delivered a profit from the event for the first time for 10 years.


Sue is able to take a small budget and using innovative ideas she will deliver a WOW and a profit for any organization.


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- building revenue for non profits & building clients for corporations


Sue has worked with many diverse groups to put together golf tournaments and added new creative elements to make the day stand out to the participants and grow fundraising levels for everyone.


Sue worked with the Commercial Real Estate Women on their annual fishing tournament that gave a new twist on "Go Fish"!

She worked with five different groups to create a clay shoot tournament to increase revenue to fund education programs - Sue created different elements to encourage attendance and made the day much more fun for everyone...

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