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Cost Effective APPS for Non Profits - Build Your Crowd

We have been researching to find an APP that will help build associations membership and value without costing tens of thousands of dollars... Working in an alliance with 501APPS we have been able to provide cost effective high quality apps for non profit organizations and companies.

We build traffic for conferences, raise the profile of exhibitors to include listings, search engines and expo maps. Our sponsorship options are outstanding and saleable. Creation of a Buyer Guide and ability to psuh out communication in an instant will build a business faster than any website or mailing. Realtors should consider this option too.

Our app goes beyond the conference to help build membership value and drive membership for non profits and clients for companies. Communicating advocacy issues in an instant is a key option available as a basic service. Let us know your thoughts on APPS and their benefit to you or your concerns.

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