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Building alliances with strategic sourcing providers in 2014

For over 16 years we have found success by providing service solutions to corporations and non profits in need of added resources. We have achieved service excellence by building alliances with quality strategic sourcing providers rather than increase our own overheads and our clients’ fees. We evaluate each client and match the strategic service provider to the client. We continue to be the account manager and are 100% involved with service delivery.

This service solution delivers flexibility of manpower from a single center of excellence for our clients. We save them depleting their internal resources for special projects, which include conferences, meeting site search, exhibit sales and management. We build strong revenue streams through an assertive professional sponsorship and advertising sales team. All these items take away from the core focus of an organization. We help develop the internal management strength through leadership programs and team building to further grow revenues. All this is achieved through our internal talents and those of our alliance partners.

To grow your strength and core in 2014 you need to gain specialist talents for special projects. Enable your internal personnel to focus on their specific tasks to deliver service to your clients or members. Do not let projects or meetings deplete your resources and profits. Consider having a resources audit. Use external strategic alliances to augment internal talents. Ensure that in 2014 your company or non profit looks at using strategic source providers for your programs.

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