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Communications Imperative to Sales Revenue Growth

Quality communications is imperative to non profits and associations looking to build revenue. Many organizations have a great program and benefits but they miss the target when selling by the lack of assertive targeted communications and account management calls.

Communication – communications are crucial to sales and marketing and delivery of high quality focused alliance programs. A Marketing Alliance Program enables stakeholders to be recognized for the investment they make in the association. We encourage stakeholder involvement through creative marketing options. Stakeholders are no longer the deep pocket friends of the past. This highly focused program understands the association has to require a return on their investment, which we know will help retain member/stakeholder involvement.

Identity – from over 20 years experience we know that an organizations identity is one of the most important things that they can have for their "business". It’s how consumers are going to set the association apart from everyone else. We know the association can’t simply be another face in the crowd because you will be passed up for lesser organizations. They must be different and there are various ways to accomplish this.

Branding - we know branding is how you are going to make the associations identity known to the market. Everything that they do within their marketing is part of branding and ultimately identity. This means that the association must decide who they are and what they want to "sell" to their market and the style they want to retain. We will work with staff and volunteer leaders to affirm the vision for the brand. We will help take that to the stakeholders, get past gate keepers and build revenue imperative to sustaining the organization.

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