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"The public policy community is tightly knit, and very sensitive to their experience your administrational services  have saved us from disaster several times since you first worked with us in 1998."

Executive Director, Public Policy Group

The Fern Management team is the most professional and polished group I have ever met in administration management.

Robin Kelser, Commercial Estate Agent

"Fern Management totally revolutionized the way we run our organization. Sue revitalized our administration and programs. Our officers now enjoy leadership thanks to Sue."

Sara Barkley Raaymakers, Legal Team

"Congratulations on the awards gala event... It was truly spectacular and I heard only great feedback from the attendees"

Nancy Phaneuf, Founder Commercial Estate Agent Group

We were fortunate to engage you and your experience to take us to new heights. The restructuring operations work you have done has been both tactically good and strategically smart. You've brought clarity to many of our existing administration processes.


Brenda Dohring Hicks, Commercial Estate Agent Group

We would recommend Sue Fern to any organization looking to gain high quality administration expertise and knowledge. She brought strong direction and built revenue & value for members.


AFSM International - Global Field Service Group 

Sue became an excellent partner in developing new administration and marketing opportunities. She quickly gained knowledge of our customer base and re-established personal contact with many we had lost, while also identifying and engaging new prospects.


Amy Hope, VP Operations,

Scientific Societies,

"Thank you for making our meeting such a success. Your expertise and advice was a great help. Your services are outstanding"


 American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing  

Sue Fern led us through volunteer leadership evaluation that helped us to illuminate our strengths and weaknesses. She guided us to plan a strong future. She has a very gentle yet firm way of keeping us on track. With a group of highly educated and intensely passionate individuals, that is no easy task.

Arthur B Levy DMD, President

Academy of Laser Dentistry

What I learned during this process of being president is that it is like a car... the leadership is the body that the outside world sees, the management company is the engine that drives the vehicle. 


Sue you were awesome and I was fortunate to have you at my back during the last year. We have initiated many new programs and it is exciting to see us grow..


Steve Silverman, 2015 President, FGCAR

"Thank you for your fundraising, event and marketing services. Because of the outstanding service and direction received from you during the gala we netted over GBP 150,000.00"


Lois Miller, Hospital Foundation

You do the needed research to ensure you provide the best service for your clients. A client can be assured their expectations will be met and more than likely exceeded...


Lena Bell, CEO

Preeminent Protective Services

"Your diligence in planning and executing the administration and logistics for the Medical Advisory Committee was outstanding. Your  support throughout the day and late into the night was very much appreciated & guaranteed a successful meeting.


Wendy Callaway,  The Weinburg Group

Thank you for all that you have done for PRA. I love working with you and I have great confidence in your level of expertise, professionalism and  commitment to customer satisfaction! 

Jennifer Goldsmith, Program Manager

Allied PRA Destination Management

I have been especially impressed how you adjusted to our special medical needs.


We were grateful for the expertise you brought in negotiating with contractors, handling operations and to bring us high quality administration service at an affordable price.


Dr. Peter L. Choyke, Radiological Group

I recommend Sue Fern she provided us with administration support, guided us through development of an education program using a wealth of professional knowledge and helped us create great events.


Emily O'Mahoney, Landscape Architects

We made more progress in four days at our strategic planning meeting than in the past four years thanks to your direction. Having the administration support brought everything together... Everyone is very pleased you are a part of our support team.


Jeff Castor, Landscape Team

"No matter how large or small the requirement, or short the reaction time you always met the challenge - day or night"


NATO Summit Committee Washington, DC

I speak for the entire Board of Directors in saying that you have become a tremendous asset to our organization for your marketing expertise, thank you.


Mary Ellen Camire, President

AACC International

Your knowledge and professional association with the hotel saved this event in such a difficult economic time. We owe many thanks to you!


Joanne Robertson

Conference Coordinator

Sue Fern is an excellent event manager and event site selection agent. She represents her clients in a very professional manner and gets results. She has exceptionally deep knowledge of her business and a global perspective on the events industry.


Erik Devereux

Non Profit COntractor

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